Saurabh Singh

Deep Learning and UX Design | Co-founder, Unreal AI

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This is my personal website, I’ll be sharing my learnings and experiences that I’ve gained over the past 3 years in the startup realm.

I built my first startup in the last year of my college and ran it for a year. Hard to say, but it failed terribly. From that failure, I learned what not to do at a startup. I’m currently building Learn Venue.

Unreal AI has the vision to decentralize the intelligence that has accumulated in the Google and Amazon Cloud. We are doing this by researching new methods to embed AI in the low-cost devices so that they can be intelligent in itself.

Blog posts

Our YC (S18) Application

Me and my Co-founder, Nishchal Gaba, applied to YC's Summer batch 2018 with our startup Learn Venue. Although we didn't make to the interview, we did get a video call request from the YC partner, Gustaf Alstromer. YC does not give out personalized feedback on the...

Creating the smartest teacher on the planet

Here’s a thought: What if we could extract (mine) all the important information from the books and use it to train an AI? If trained correctly, it will make this AI the smartest teacher on the planet.   <img class="progressiveMedia-noscript...

Take a journey through my first startup

We were like every other undergraduate student. We were motivated to build a business while in college and even skipped our college placements. People say ‘Startup is like jumping off the cliff and then building a parachute before you hit the ground’. In our case, we...

Free tools for entrepreneurs

Starting a business is hard when you don’t have the right tools. There are plenty of free tools in the market that promise to make your life easy. But how do you know which ones to use? Here are 20 best tried and tested free tools for you. Productivity Slack Hands...

6 Traits of a great Co-Founder

It’s certain that you cannot possess all the knowledge of the world. It’s wise to start with a co-founder, but don't start with any co-founder; your best friend may not be your best co-founder. A bad co-founder can kill your startup. Here are the 6 traits to look in...

How to validate your startup idea?

Came across this great slide deck. This is precisely what you need to do to validate your idea. Never take decisions with your intuition. Eg. "I feel people will buy this product.", "Ye chal jayega yar! (this will surely work!)". As Paul Graham says: "It's like skiing...

Awards and recognition

Participated in numerous events in the past couple of years. This has led to few notable achievements.

Pitched my Startup on a national television show named Pulse the Venture on CNN News 18.

We exhibited at Lisbon, Portugal at WebSummit event in 2017.

Where I’ve written my articles?

I usually scribble my ideas in my notebook. However, I’ve written few of them on YourStory and Inc42. 

Speaking Opportunities

I’ve spoken at numerous events but most notably I was invited by India Didactics Association as a panelist at their event named IDA Connect.

I’ve also got the opportunity to speak and motivate students at a college event so that they can take up entrepreneurship as their career option.