Starting a business is hard when you don’t have the right tools. There are plenty of free tools in the market that promise to make your life easy. But how do you know which ones to use? Here are 20 best tried and tested free tools for you.


  1. Slack
    Hands down it is the best messaging app for teams. Everything work related is organised in one place.
  2. Wunderlist
    A to-do list acquired by Microsoft last year. It’s a no-nonsense to-do list. You can create tasks and assign them to your peers. It works great for personal use too.
  3. Trello
    Trello is great if you are designing workflow for a project. Your work is organised on boards, which makes tracking your progress easy. You can even add team members and assign them tasks.
  4. Evernote
    Evernote saves all your notes on the cloud and syncs them across your devices. It’s a great tool for teams. You can easily share work notes with your team.
  5. Grammarly
    Never make a grammatical mistake again! Install the Grammarly plugin in your browser and it will magically show you your spelling and grammatical mistakes. A paid version can even check for plagiarism.

Other great tools include DropBox, Google Drive, and FreedCamp.

Website resources

  1. FreePik
    You no longer have to purchase images for your projects. FreePik provides thousands of photos and clipart for free.
  2. FlatIcons
    You can find thousands of free modern flat icons for your website here.
  3. Canva
    It’s an easy-to-use online graphic designing tool. You can build a logo, poster, or social media post in under a minute.
  4. Pablo
    With Pablo, you can design engaging images for social media posts. Yes, you can design images with inspiring quotes on it.
  5. Start Bootstrap
    Quickly build a website for your blog or your company by using free templates from Start Bootstrap. All the templates are responsive and free.

Increase website traffic

  1. Google Analytics
    Analyse your visitor behaviour through Google Analytics. Track your website’s bounce and retention rate, and create custom goals. You can even know the gender, age, and location of the visitor.
  2. SumoMe
    Every blog you visit will have this installed. SumoMe gives you free tools like Sharing, Heat Maps, Listbuilder, Content Analytics, and Free traffic.
  3. Elevio
    Elevio promises to reduce your support tickets by educating your visitor on how to use your website.
  4. MailChimp
    Send newsletters and build your email list with MailChimp. You can send 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers for free. Building a newsletter is easy with existing templates.
  5. Survey Monkey
    Want a quick survey? Survey Monkey is a great tool for creating surveys. The free account has loads of features for starting.

Personal learning

  1. Startup Launch List
    This website is simple yet resourceful. Just select what you want to learn and it will curate resources for you.
  2. Code Academy
    Learn HTML, Javascript, PHP and more for free.
  3. Google Primer
    It’s a pilot project by Google. Primer is a fast and easy way to learn new marketing skills. You can take the bite-sized lessons whenever you can squeeze in five minutes.
    A unique website that teaches you coding, designing, and marketing using 5sec GIFs
  5. EDX/Coursera/Khan Academy
    There is so much to learn from these websites. You can learn marketing, machine learning, entrepreneurship, space and more for free.