Free tools for entrepreneurs

Starting a business is hard when you don’t have the right tools. There are plenty of free tools in the market that promise to make your life easy. But how do you know which ones to use? Here are 20 best tried and tested free tools for you. Continue reading “Free tools for entrepreneurs”

How to validate your startup idea?

Came across this great slide deck. This is precisely what you need to do to validate your idea.

Never take decisions with your intuition. Eg. “I feel people will buy this product.”, “Ye chal jayega yar! (this will surely work!)”. As Paul Graham says:

“It’s like skiing for the first time, you first instinct, when you ski, will be wrong.” – do what your head says, not what you feel.

Use this ‘scientific’ process to validate your idea:

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How to pitch to an angel investor or a VC?

I hope that you have successfully built your startup prototype. If not then go and read my article on How to start a Startup.

For everyone else who is ready to raise money, David S. Rose’s rapid-fire TED U talk on pitching to a venture capitalist tells you the 10 things you need to know about yourself — and prove to a VC — before you fire up your slideshow.

His talk is succinct and gives practical advice. Watch his talk below.

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How to start a startup?

What is a startup?

“A startup is a company working to solve a problem where the solution is not obvious and success is not guaranteed.”

And this is the definition of a startup. If you look closely, you can see we are not talking about making money, or generating revenue. We are building a startup to solve a problem *zip*.

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